NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Next generation AutoML taking AutoML to the next level with ThirdAI’s BOLT

Taking AutoML to the next level with ThirdAI’s BOLT

Is it possible to have one push-button AutoML solution from raw data for all of the following?
  • Datasets with millions or higher categories?
  • Multimodal: Text, categories, numbers, meta-data, missing data.
  • Temporal Trends: Leverage timestamps automatically
  • Text classification

With ThirdAI, the same AutoML system runs on raw tabular datasets, text classification, and personalization with millions of categories and metadata all without any feature preprocessing.There is no need for expensive GPUs to train millions or billions of parameter neural network models. We can also guarantee predictable cost upfront as well as orders of magnitude faster training with sub milli-second latency inference (even with millions to billions or parameters!)

Hard to believe?

Please join webinar to see real world results. Experience how ThirdAI’s BOLT engine takes deep learning to the next level. Our sparsity engines allow us to train models at scale, size, and speed not possible before WITHOUT the need for GPU’s.

Tabular Classifier