Careers ThirdAI is backed by venture funding If you want to build the next generation of artificial intelligence tools from scratch, get in touch! Successful recruits will be compensated with a competitive salary, employee stock options, 401K matching, and competitive benefits. We look forward to receiving your application! Career Opportunities Back-end Developer (Python and Azure) […]


Team Meet Our Team Anshumali Shrivastava CEO and Founder Tharun Medini CTO and Co-founder Vinod Iyengar Head of Product and GTM Bo Nielson Sales Representative Eric Thune VP Sales/Biz Development Siddharth Jain Principal Lead Engineer Vihan Lakshman Research Scientist Nicholas Meisburger AI Engineer Benito Geordie AI Engineer David Torres AI Engineer Adunukota Yashwanth AI Engineer […]

Our Story

Our story THIRDAI: SQUEEZING MORE OUT OF CHIPS USING ALGORITHMS AND SOFTWARE INNOVATIONS. ThirdAI (pronunciation: /THərd ī/ Third eye) is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence startup creating scalable and sustainable AI. UNIQUE APPROACH. ThirdAI builds hash-based processing algorithms that accelerate training and inference of neural networks. The technology is a result of 10 years of innovation […]