PocketLLM - Your personal knowledge search engine

Memorize 1000s of pages PDFs & Documents, scrape URLs, and more to search through them. Powered by AI and LLMs. Trained on your laptop. 

Fully private. Get started for free.

Stored locally

For your privacy, all of the files and models are stored locally on your device. Only you have access to them.

Full Control

Easily add, update or delete models and files at any time.

Ask PocketLLM

You can ask PocketLLM about anything in your document and corpus of documents. And because of the power of semantic search, you can search entire paragraphs, similar concepts or even your multiple topics all at once

PocketLLM is for everyone

Legal Firms/Journalists

  • Upload all past case files related to a topic and create a fast knowledge base


  • Search and explore papers and other research material.
  • Quickly cite sources and find relevant context.

Knowledge Base

  • For anyone who wants to build an internal knowledge base from documents for fast search and retrieval

Teach the model

No AI is perfect, but the most useful ones are those that can learn. PocketLLM can actually learn from feedback. Either ‘like’ the results or teach it new associations to help the model learn your use-case or jargon.


Fine-tune results to update the model based on your preferences with 1 click.
Summarize results for easy understanding. You can pick the top 3 or 5 results and summarize them.
Hyperfast training and retrieval. Train up to a billion parameter model on your laptop in a few minutes and get instant results from search