Introducing NeuralDB: Generative search on your private data

No GPUs Needed. 100% Private. Perpetually Fine-tunable 

How it works?

Build a private LLM powered search application with minimum configuration and no specialized resources

Powerful Capabilities
  • Pre training on raw text.
  • No embeddings needed.
  • Push button fine tuning
  • Data residency
Incredible Performance
  • Sub millisecond retrieval latency
  • Outperforms best-in-class semantic search with fine-tuning. Learn More

Deploy in minutes

Easy to use APIs.

No code UI – direct document upload

					pip3 install thirdai
db = ndb.NeuralDB(user_id="my_user")

pdf_files = ['data/sample_nda.pdf']
source_ids = db.insert(pdf_files, train=True)
search_results =
    query="what is the termination period",

Unlocking the Power of CPUs for Generative AI

Personalized LLM for your knowledge base

Upload your documents and make them instantly searchable without the need for pre training or rules configuration

Privacy and data residency

No data leaves the enterprise or is stored on any public or third party servers. All queries and documents are entirely private

Perpetually Fine tunable

Fine tune the model with push button convenience using our AutoTune API capabilities. 

Product Catalog Search

NeuralDB intuitively understands and processes user queries, offering highly relevant results even with vague or partial information. Its powerful neural networks delve into the nuanced meanings behind words, ensuring a smarter, more accurate search experience.

Meet NeuralDB

We have developed NeuralDB, a perpetually adaptive and personalized LLM powered generative search platform that avoids hallucination, can be customized to any domain and document type, preserves data privacy and residency, and provides users with access control to information processed by the information retrieval model.  

Learn More

Read the 3 part blog series to learn how NeuralDB addresses the main challenges with adopting and scaling LLMs for search. 

Get Started

Start with our Github examples to build your own NeuralDB on your documents. 

Download & Try

Start with PocketLLM – a free desktop application that brings the power of NeuralDB on your laptop