ThirdAI is an enterprise software platform designed for building NLP & Generative AI applications. Our platform minimizes the time required to deploy GenAI capabilities, specializing in addressing scale, latency, and privacy constraints for enterprises. ThirdAI offers a comprehensive suite of push-button and customizable AI/NLP capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into any software application. Our offerings include:

ThirdAI Predict
ThirdAI Parse
ThirdAI Search
ThirdAI Rerank
ThirdAI Reformulate
ThirdAI Tune
ThirdAI Forecast
ThirdAI Generate
ThirdAI Protect


For technical details and case studies read our blogs at:

Yes! In fact, ThirdAI is the only stack in the world that allows extremely fine-grained customization of your AI, from custom training of models to specialized fine-tuning, all on commodity CPUs. Whether you have no desire to customize or you want perpetual customization, our stack takes care of it.

ThirdAI is ideal for organizations that:

  • Want to quickly build and offer sophisticated AI capabilities to customers with minimal data science and engineering support.
  • Have no GPUs or limited GPU cycles and face growing AI demands outpacing GPU availability.
  • Find current AI solutions prohibitive in terms of cost and latency when scaling.

If your goal is to conduct research on neural network architecture changes, ThirdAI may not be suitable. Our stack optimizes the entire AI pipeline – from data ingestion to output. We recommend tools like TensorFlow or PyTorch for such custom experimentation.

No. We don’t provide custom services over open-source models. You can however customize ThirdAI’s foundation models for any downstream task.

Yes, we bring AI to the data. Our software-only acceleration transforms most data infrastructures into GenAI-capable infrastructures without needing to send data to AI hosted on specialized infrastructure.

The ThirdAI and open source options are meant for different experiences. The ThirdAI platform is designed to minimize the time to production for customized AI capabilities for enterprises. Existing open-source solutions are built for experimentation and prototyping. Optimizing open source for production constraints or low-cost scalability could require dedicated engineering teams and years of effort. On the contrary, ThirdAI’s focus is on business considerations such as TCO, scale, latency, and privacy. As an end user, you directly define models that meet production constraints during inception. For example, LLM firewalls or NLP-driven searches have tight latency constraints of less than 10ms for inference. No foundation models on Hugging Face will meet those requirements. Read Wayfair’s blog on how ThirdAI helps there. Another case study on PII redaction with latency and scale is presented here.

Yes, our API can be customized for various use cases. Please contact our team for specific requirements.

ThirdAI scales horizontally by adding more CPU resources. Its architecture efficiently handles large-scale data, ensuring consistent performance as your data grows.

No, ThirdAI requires models to be trained on our BOLT Engine due to our unique dynamic sparsifying computations. Training on BOLT is fast, and you can curate data using your existing model to train a BOLT model.