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Employee Spotlight Series: David Torres Ramos


Q: What drew you to ThirdAI?

A: The people here are happy, friendly, and passionate about what they do so it’s a joy to be a part of it. I’ve also always wanted to work at an early-stage startup because there’s so much to learn when you start from first principles.

Q: Which other offers you had?

A: I had an offer from Pinterest in San Francisco which I turned down to work at ThirdAI.

Q: What projects are you most excited to be working on at ThirdAI?

A: In my first few months I mainly worked on computer vision research and how we could bring efficient deep vision models to CPUs. We have some decent preliminary results but I really want to see the project through to the end since I think it’ll be incredibly useful for a variety of applications.

Q: When you aren’t coding, what do you like to do?

A: On a day out, I enjoy biking through Hermann Park and exploring Houston (especially restaurants). Ask me for my restaurant list, its great ? I also enjoy indoor rock climbing, board games with friends, and playing the piano.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I was born in San Antonio, lived 8 years in Dallas, and I’m running on 4 years in Houston so you could say I know Texas pretty well.

Q: Which is your favorite holiday destination?

A: I always enjoy a relaxing day on the beach but lately snowboarding might take the cake. Depends how I’m feeling.

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