Product Search and Recommendation

product search and recommendation CASE STUDY: PRODUCT SEARCH AND RECOMMENDATION Ecommerce Search and Limitations Most people use the online E-commerce search engines for exploration and product discovery. The relevance of products displayed by product search engines varies considerably across different platforms. A customer interacts with a product search engine by typing a string in the […]

Question Answering

Question Answering Doc Search Demo We demonstrate state of the art retrieval accuracy with sub-100 ms latency on document search on a modest CPU, 25x faster than ColBERT inference on CPU. Try Now A CASE STUDY WITH 8 MILLION MS MARCO PASSAGE RETRIEVAL AND LESS THAN 100MS RESPONSE TIME ON COMMODITY CPU. Question Answering System […]

Text Classification

TEXT CLASSIFICATION Text Classification Demo Using our BOLT engine, we demonstrate 1 ms inference latency on text classification tasks: 50 times faster and 10% more accurate than the popular RoBERTa model.What’s more, BOLT attains this speed and performance with a giant 2 billion parameter network (5x bigger than RoBERTa) that was trained, from scratch, for […]