The current AI industry assumes that CPUs are inferior to GPUs and other specialized processors (such as TPUs) for heavyweight AI computations.

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

NEXT GENERATION AUTOML Taking AutoML To The Next Level With ThirdAI’s BOLT

AUGUST 18, 2022

Billion-Scale Deep Learning on CPUs. Upto 100x Cheaper Training and Inference.

APRIL 6, 2022

Up to 50x faster Training and Inference with Large NLP Models on CPU: Text Classification, Question Answering, and more.

Brand Assets

Brand Assets Identity The visual identity we have developed is clean, balanced, welldefined and distinctive. It is meant to represent center, consciousness, ultimate reality, truth and knowledge. It has a few key elements, which we expect you to respect, protect and reflect on, as you build materials for ThirdAI. Please protect and strengthen the ThirdAI […]