Detailed Comparisons

Detailed comparison between the BOLT Engine and other standard machine learning alternatives

BOLT Engine On Laptop

A 200 million parameter recommendation model can be trained on M1 laptops faster than A100 GPUs


The new science of compute and energy efficient training: mimicking the sparsity of the human brain

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Try Bolt BOLT is available via PyPI. Installation Instructions Register Here Use this form to register for a free trial BOLT license key valid for 30 days. Please refer to installation instructions. Your feedback helps us prioritize future updates.

Bolt Installation

BOLT INSTALLATION Installation Instructions 1 Step 1: Download a license​ 1 Step 1: Get a license key To use the ThirdAI Python library, you will first need a valid license key. To get a free trial license, please fill out this form. After submitting the form, you will be emailed a unique key. 2 Step […]


Achieving exponentially cheaper training time with just a few lines of changes in existing ML pipelines