Brand Assets


The visual identity we have developed is clean, balanced, welldefined and distinctive. It is meant to represent center, consciousness, ultimate reality, truth and knowledge. It has a few key elements, which we expect you to respect, protect and reflect on, as you build materials for ThirdAI.

Please protect and strengthen the ThirdAI brand by adhering to the guidelines defined in this Brand Guide and ensuring all ThirdAI collateral materials are on-brand, always. 

If you have any questions or need any clarifications around how best to express the ThirdAI brand for your project or context, please contact our team

Corporate Logo

The ThirdAI corporate logo represents the communicative form of the symbol “OM”, it is pictured in a stylized and modern shape, and should be used on all ThirdAI materials in the relevant version. The symbol is meant to represent center, eye, consciousness, ultimate reality, truth and knowledge.

ThirdAI corporate wordmark is based on the Fira Sans typeface with a few tweaks to achieve a clean look. Please use only the provided source files.

To ensure clarity and readability the clear space rules need to be enforced for every usecase.