Installation Instructions


Step 1:
Download a license​


Step 1: Get a license key

To use the ThirdAI Python library, you will first need a valid license key. To get a free trial license, please fill out this form. After submitting the form, you will be emailed a unique key.


Step 2:
Install the Library


Step 2: Install the Library

You can easily install the ThirdAI package with pip:

pip3 install thirdai

Our python package is distributed in precompiled wheels. We currently support Linux x86 64 bit, MacOS Arch64, MacOS x86 64 bit.

Windows wheels are available on request. Please reach out to


Step 3:
Get Started


Step 3: Activating the license key

To use the license key, please add the following line to your python scripts after importing thirdai.

For API documentation, please visit
import thirdai


Step 4: Get Started with our demos

To get started, please checkout our Universal Deep Transformer (UDT) demos repo.

For video tutorials, please checkout our youtube playlist Universal Deep Transformer (UDT) Demos – YouTube

For API documentation, please checkout

License Agreement

By downloading and using the ThirdAI library, you agree not to use the software for commercial purposes, not to redistribute the software, not to violate the terms of the license, and not to disassemble the code.

If you would like to use ThirdAI software for commercial purposes, please reach out to us to discuss our enterprise license.

Free Trial Expiration

By default, the free trial license is valid for 30 days. However, you can always send us an email or fill out the license form again to get a link to a new license file.


We are constantly working to add new features and make things smoother. If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or run into issues, please contact us!